Heat Pumps work by moving heat from a low temperature source, upgrading to a higher temperature and then transferring this heat into your home for heating and hot water.
This can be carried out in a very efficient manner where the heat output can be up to five times the amount of electrical energy input. Some more common heat sources for heat pumps are Air, ground and water each with their own cost or efficiency benefits.

Technology Overview​​

 ​​A Heat pump is a device that utilises the latent heat of phase change for a refrigerant in order to move heat against its natural direction of flow. In nature, thermal energy flows from hot to cold but a heat pump works against this and can absorb heat in a cold area and release it into a warmer one.

The is done by compressing and expanding the refrigerant, which causes the refrigerant to change state and in the process, to become either hotter or cooler. Energy is absorbed from the heat source at the cold part of the cycle, upgraded by the compressor and then the heat can be removed from the refrigerant cycle for use in the home. The electrical input to the heat pump powers the compressor in order to increase the pressure of the refrigerant and power this cycle.

The compressor turns warm refrigerant gas into high pressure hot vapour which passes to the heat exchanger (condenser side) for the heat to be extracted for use in the home. This heat exchanger (condenser) condenses the hot pressurised vapour into a high pressure medium temperature liquid. This liquid then passes through an expansion valve which allows the pressure of the fluid to drop rapidly. The drop-in pressure causes the fluid to cool, allowing it to pass into the second heat exchanger (Evaporator). This is where the heat pump absorbs heat from the source. The low temperature and pressure refrigerant fluid has a very low boiling point and so boils in this heat exchanger absorbing energy from the source in the process. Finally the warm refrigerant gas passes back to the compressor and the cycle starts over again.

A heat pumps efficiency depends on how effectively this heat can be moved from the heat source to where it is required. As the temperature difference between the two heat exchangers increases, the required pressure difference between the exchangers to make the refrigerant boil and condense also increases. This higher pressure difference requirement in turn, means to make the cycle work the power required at the compressor is greater. This is why the efficiency of a heat pump improves as the temperature difference between the source and the target reduces

This is why Air source heat pumps can be less efficient than ground source in the winter. This is also why a good installer will always try to make sure that when using any heat pump, your heating distribution system is sized to allow the minimum flow temperature possible. This is also why various methods of increasing source temperatures, such as solar assisted heat pumps, can offer efficiency benefits to the running of a system.
Inverter driven ground source - CTC GSi 12

​​CTC GSi 12 is a new inverter driven ground source heat pump with variable output 2.5 – 12 kW that adapts automatically to the building's heating requirement. Output is increased as required by increasing the speed of the inverter driven compressor and as less output is required the speed of the compressor is reduced. Matching the heat pump output to the heating demand ensures that maximum savings are achieved.

  • Savings of up to 85% [Ecoheat GSI]
  •  Energy class A+++ (heating with built-in control)
  •  Most hot water in the class
  •  With high seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP 5.1)
  •  Most output when required
  •  Inverter-driven compressor
  •  Electronic expansion va lve
  •  Can control two separate heating systems
  •  Very quiet, 45.6 dB(A) (0/35 at 50 rps)
  •  You can easily control it with your phone using CTC Connect

Integrating the hot water storage in this manner greatly reduces the area required for equipment and can reduce the overall installed cost of a system.
Inverter driven ground source
GSi 12
Ground source - CTC EcoPart and EcoPart XL ​​

 Thanks to a newly developed refrigeration circuit with an electronically controlled expansion valve and highly efficient compressor the EcoPart 400 boasts excellent efficiency with COP’s in excess of 5 (see data table). The compressor and refrigeration components are housed in a separate sound insulated unit. This provides exceptionally low noise levels (below 56dB(A)) making it one of the quietest heat pumps ever developed.
  • A+++ energy rating with a COP of 5.04
  • Equipped with a built-in control system for solid condensation / accumulator charging
  • Patented intercooler for longer life
  • The quietest ground/water heat pump we've ever produced
  • Produces up to 65°C Hot water
  • Electronic expansion valve for optimum operation
  • New efficient and reliable compressor
  • built-in soft starter
  • EcoPart and EcoPart XL can make up part of the EnergyFlex Solution

Inverter driven ground source
EcoPart XL
Inverter driven air source - CTC EcoAir 500M

​​The CTC EcoAir 510M and 520M are variable speed inverter driven air source heat pumps that adapt automatically to the building's output requirements. Output is increased as required by increasing the speed of the inverter driven compressor and as less output is required the speed of the compressor is reduced.

  • Energy class A++ (in package with built in control)
  • Savings of up to 80%
  • Most output when required
  • Optimal seasonal coefficient of performance up to 4.5 (SCOP)
  • Inverter-controlled compressor and electronic expansion valve
  • Built-in condensation water tray with on demand heater
  • Provides heating down to -22°C and produces water up to 65°C
  • Using CTC Connect with the CTC Controller the EcoAir500M can be controlled using your smart phone or iPad

Inverter driven ground source
EcoAir 500M
Air source - CTC EcoAir 400 ​​

 CTC  EcoAir  400  now  has  a  new  and  improved compressor  for  reliability  and  greater  efficiency.  In addition  the  electronic  expansion  valve  and  newly developed fan design further improves efficiency making this the most efficient and quietist air/water heat pump CTC has developed. Utilising an on demand defrosting system reduces the defrost  frequency  further  improving  efficiency  whilst producing  more  heat,  more power  and  a  longer  life. Combined with a condensation tray with a built-in heater, problems with icing are now a thing of the past. The CTC EcoAir air source heat pump can operate at air temperatures as low as -22°C and provide hot water up to 65°C and reduce heating costs by up to as much as 70%
  • A+ energy rating with a COP of 4.6
  • On demand intelligent defrosting for more heat and longer life [EA400 cut right-view400]
  • Provide heat operation down to  -22°C outside temperature
  • The quietest air/water heat pump we've ever produced
  • Produces up to 65°C Hot water
  • Electronic expansion valve for optimum operation
  • New efficient and reliable compressor
  • Condensation water tray with heater are built in as standard
  • Ecoair is part of the EnergyFlex Solution

Inverter driven ground source
EcoAir 400