convert energy thermal store graphic icon
convert energy thermal store graphic icon
  A thermal store is very useful for renewable energy systems due to the ability to take heat from multiple sources. Another benefit of most thermal stores is that hot water production is indirect which means the tank does not have to be kept at such a high temperature as long as the heat exchangers are sized properly. We offer a range of thermal stores from 300L to 110,000L thorough our partners.

Technology Overview

We offer a range of thermal stores depending on customers’ requirements, for the most part our smaller thermal stores (up to 1000L) are off the shelf and the datasheets can be found below. Our larger thermal stores are all bespoke which means we can optimise the heat exchange and connections to fit your exact requirements. A brochure on our large thermal stores can be found below along with a video on how these are made. There are lots of large thermal stores on the market but what makes our tanks unique is they are built in place, this makes them ideal for retrofitting into an existing building as the entire tank (up to 110,000L) can be walked in through a standard doorway (watch the video) and constructed in place.

If you are interested in a thermal store for your project or you would like to discuss their applications with us the please get in contact with us by going to our contact page or clicking on the button below:
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Haase Tanks
Built in place GRP (fibre glass) thermal stores
​ The Haase hot water tank can be delivered in individual components and assembled on-site. Narrow doors or stairs are no longer a problem, thanks also the light weight of GRP.
  • Durable And Robust Fiberglass Construction
  • Fits Through Standard Doorways
  • Indirect hot water exchangers sized for demand
  • Sizes From 1500L to 110,000L
  • Heat-Loss Rate of 1 deg C in 24/h
  • Bespoke construction options
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  •  corrosion resistant
  • approved for up to 95 °C
  • low thermal conductivity and high-thermal insulation
  • very flexible
Case Studys
Data centre
Solimpeks vented thermal store

Solimpeks Solikombi Range

 The Solimpeks Solikombi are a range of vented thermal stores which have an additional coil for solar thermal input. In these tanks the main body is unpressurised and the pressurised mains cold water is heated as it passes through the internal large corrugated stainless-steel heat exchanger pipe.​​

  • Hygienic water with stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Less Lime-scale due to flexible heat exchanger 
  • No sacrificial anode bar
  • Pressurized potable water
  • Unpressurized tank
  • Lightweight, aesthetic, long life and maintenance-free
  • Compatible with heat pumps and hybrid energy systems 
  • Optional immersion heater
  • Minimum heat loss - polyurethane insulation
  • Easy installation due to compact design
  • Compatible with solar energy systems
  • 5 year warranty


Solimpeks buffer tank Solibuffer

Solimpeks Solibuffer Range

The Solimpeks Solibuffer are a range of buffer cylinders which have multiple heat source inputs and also optional immersion.
  • ​Minimum heat loss - polyurethane insulation
  • Compatible with heat pump systems
  • Lightweight, aesthetic, long life and maintenance-free
  • Optional immersion heater
  • Easy installation due to compact design
  • 5 year warranty