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 When using any renewable heat technology a crucial part of the design which can often be over looked is the heat emitters. Whether you are you are using solar thermal energy to contribute to heating or running a ground source heat pump, the correct design and specification of the heat emitters can be crucial to the functioning of your system and achieving the financial returns you are hoping for. For low temperature heat emitter systems we would normally recommend underfloor heating systems, we can provide a range of options for UFH through our partners at Tiemme.

Technology Overview

Underfloor radiant systems are heating and cooling distribution to rooms. They are mainly based on the exchange of heat by radiation through large surface areas at a low temperature.

In the past few years, these types of systems have undergone considerable technological and commercial development; in fact, radiant systems are often preferred to more traditional solutions (radiators and fan coil units) for residential and commercial applications, as well as for new buildings and building renovations.

There are many reasons for this choice, some of which are listed below:

•             Even heat distribution and reduction of the stratification throughout the room
•             No air draughts and dust circulation
•             Can be used both in summer and winter
•             Low supply water temperature
•             No aesthetic impact
•             Installation costs only slightly higher than traditional systems
•             Significant savings on running costs.   

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