Watt2Water -Solar water purification

Our project funding call

Why is this needed?

Millions of people across the world are without access to clean drinking water. The WHO and UNICEF tell us that for every nine people on earth, one of us is forced to drink dirty water, and over a third of these live in sub-Saharan Africa. This leads to a substantial risk of disease; over half a million people die each year from diseases caused by poor quality drinking water. 

Africa is known for its intense, hot climate. Conditions that only exacerbate the shortage of available clean water. But what if we could harness these conditions and use them to our advantage in producing clean water?

What can it do?

This climate provides an abundance of solar energy. This energy can be harnessed to power the Watt2Water unit. By combining multiple methods of sterilisation, each unit can produce around 25 litres of clean, safe drinking water per day, enough for up to ten people. 

Watt2Water would require no installation and minimal training on its operation and maintenance. Simply place the inlet pump in a river, lake or any other source of water, whatever the quality and let the sun do the rest.

Why is it not on sale?

However, Watt2Water is still in the development phase. We need your help to make it a reality. We have come so far in getting the design to where we are now, but we now need your help in getting the first unit made. Once the first rig has been completed, the design can be refined and put into production.

We are now working with Hope Spring, a charity who aim to assist people and communities in poor, often remote areas in Nigeria to identify, develop and establish a sustainable source of clean water. It aims to alleviate poverty, as well as sanitation and hygiene challenges associated with lack of access to clean water.

How to contribute?